“As the head of Cheesy Affairs,

protecting that nostalgic taste and ensuring that the next generation of nacho-eaters gets to experience the joy it brings will be my top priority. Nachos for All!”


Nachos for All

The sports stadium may be the birthplace of concession nachos, but we’ve brought our cheesy message far beyond its walls. We want the world to know that Ricos Nachos deliver joy anywhere and anytime! Movie theaters, concert halls, even at home. Wherever friends, family, or fans get together, the joy of Ricos Nachos will be there to unite us.

Your Nachos. Your Way. 

There are as many ways to enjoy Ricos Nachos as there are people to enjoy them. And every way is the right way! Like them spicy? We’ve got you covered. Cheese on the side for dipping? Works for us! All your groundbreaking nacho innovations are welcome, so nacho YOUR way!

Nacho Infrastructure

At the core of all successful nachos must be a strong infrastructure. Ricos Nacho chips have proven that they are up to the task. If you’re someone who likes to stack your nachos high with toppings, you need to know you have a chip that’s up for the challenge. I stand firmly against all drips, droops, and sogs, in order to protect your carefully selected outfit, and most importantly, your dignity.

No Lack of Snacks

I support the joy of snacking in all its forms! Concession nachos may be king, but sometimes the moment calls for popcorn! Or pretzels! Or chips! Or a zingy pickle! The point is, I know how much pleasure the perfect snack at the perfect moment can bring, and whatever the moment calls for, Ricos has you covered!

“Rico brought Food and Smiles to our pantry!”

– Free Little Pantry SA

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